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Mixed media collage, 16"x20"
Me, me, me
Haven't had enuff of me? Here's where to find more stuff about me and my art on the WWW:

Passion4Art. A small gallery, plus a short bio and vitae.
Facebook. Odd comments.

My circle of acquaintances.

Jill Brabant. Some really nice oils by an old art guild pal.
Elizabeth Armstrong Hall. Writer, historian, good friend.

Ya think I made all this stuff myself? Ha. I borrowed profusely...

Background Heaven. Alas, this site has gone down, but I still want to acknowledge it because of the gorgeous -- and free -- graphics it featured. Many of my left-hand borders came from here.
The Free Site. Whenever I'm looking for something free on the Internet -- programs, graphics, scripts -- I start here. They also have tons of links to things I never look for, but you might.
Syruss. Here's where I found my buttons (what, you didn't know they were missing?) plus some other neat graphics.

Artists' resources
Supplies, organizations, online galleries, etc.

Manassas Art Guild. A community non-profit arts organization.
Art. Sell your reproductions online. To participate in their link exchange, go to mylinksdot.com.
Agora Gallery. Link exchange. "One of New York's most established art galleries. Agora Gallery is an excellent art resource for art dealers, artists and the general public. Original art can be seen at any of their many exhibitions or on their online art gallery."
p-ART-ners. Another community non-profit arts organization.

This 'n' that
Pretty much what it says

Cats in Sinks. The most ludicrously perfect way I've found yet to waste time on the Web, followed closely by its parent site, Kitten War.
Hoom! Walking directions to Mordor.
T.H.E.M. Since Anime Cafe has gone idle, I'm replacing it with the newly restored T.H.E.M. No gushing, no glitz, just lots of well-thought-out reviews.

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