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Student Gallery - Open Studio #1

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The "Open Studio" is a bit of a free-for-all; everyone is working on something different. It gets pretty lively -- I've often said I have no control over the class whatsoever -- but the atmosphere certainly generates a lot of creativity.

Callas, watercolor, Edye McIntyre.
Complementary reds and greens make this composition sing.

Top right:
Cabbage, watercolor, Julie Warner. A fine example of using successive glazes to get a variety values and hues.

Merry-Go-Round, pastel, Marilyn Holland. Marilyn put in long hours on this one, but in the end persistence paid off.




Hatchet   Left & right:
Two oil pastels by Mary Elizabeth Thompson.
I gave Mary my "what to do when you're stuck for ideas" hand-out; Mary chose "combine objects in a still life that don't normally go together."
By the way, if you click on one of her paintings, you can visit Mary's website!
Bears, watercolor, Mary Merryman.
Mary pulled out an arsenal of techniques for this winsome pair; masking, glazing, drybrush, washes...
  Just a Rose
Just a Rose,
watercolor, Laura Lavarnway. Laura became discouraged when working on this, but she stuck at it, threw in some extra darks, cropped the background -- and came up with a winner.
The Stories I Could Tell...,
watercolor, Jan Smith.
Jan glazed layers of color onto this tree to achieve that glorious glow of sunlight.
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